School Year 2020-2021

member login


1. How do I login to PEERS?
Use your network username and password. If you are unable to access PEERS with your network id and password, contact your building CRS. If he or she is unavailable, call the Technology Help Desk at 5-8181.

2. How do I correct inaccurate information in my PEERS profile?
Send a printout of your PEERS profile via interoffice mail to Human Resources. Circle the incorrect information and explain the error. You or your building secretary are not able to edit information in your PEERS profile.

3. How do I get help using PEERS?
Printed and video resources explaining how to use various PEERS functions are available at

4. Can I access PEERS from home?
From home, you can access PEERS by logging into the Parkway Dashboard at From a Parkway computer, PEERS is available at