The Power of the Adolescent Brain

Course Number: PLAT-SPRING-19-20
GL Account Number: 20.2212.805.0075.6131.00275.1.02105
Model: Certified Teacher
Type: Professional Learning Action Team Workshops
Beginning Date: 2/1/2019
Start Time: N/A
Location: VIRTUAL
Room: N/A
Sessions: N/A
Instructor: JONI PATTON
Credits: 1
Course Stipend: Yes
Stipend Amount: $300.00
Salary Credits:
Clock Hours: 12
Course Description: Adolescent brain development and the resulting impact on learning is an important area for educators to understand if we are to increase learning successes in our classrooms. This course will help educators understand how students learn best and why, and offer strategies to promote student achievement and foster good habits of mind.

How will this workshop initiate a new study or extend work you have begun into the following school year?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Enduring Understanding(s) & Essentials Question(s): Enduring Understandings: 1. The adolescent brain is actively learning new ways to grow skill sets and engage with real world experiences. 2. The adolescent brain has a stronger sense of risk taking than reasoning. 3. Understanding the maturation process of the teenage brain enables educators to better meet the learning needs of their students.

Essential Questions: 1. What makes an adolescent brain different? 2. How can understanding adolescent brain development lead to successful classroom learning and real world transfer? 3. What strategies best promote adolescent learning?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Knowledge & Skills

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence:

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