Reading Strategies In Action!

Course Number: PLAT-SPRING-19-15
GL Account Number: 20.2212.352.0075.6131.00275.1
Model: Certified Teacher
Type: Professional Learning Action Team Workshops
Beginning Date: 2/1/2019
Start Time: N/A
Location: Google Classroom
Room: Google Classroom
Sessions: 7
Credits: 0.5
Course Stipend: Yes
Stipend Amount: $150.00
Salary Credits:
Clock Hours: 6
Course Description: Try out the strategies from Jennifer Serravallos’ The Reading Strategies Book alongside other teachers! The 300 strategies support readers to reach thirteen goals—everything from fluency to literary analysis.

In this course, teachers will select specific strategies to help students reach one of the thirteen goals. Then, teachers will dig deep into the strategies by creating visuals, toolkits and prompts. Teachers will also reflect on student’s learning as well as their own instructional practices.

How will this workshop initiate a new study or extend work you have begun into the following school year?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Enduring Understanding(s) & Essentials Question(s): EU -Goals with teacher feedback make one of the biggest differences on student achievement and progress (Hattie, 2009). -Conferring, individual and group, allows a teacher to meet students at their level with a focus on a particular reading strategy. -Strategies are defined as “deliberate, effortful, intentional and purposeful actions a reader takes to accomplish a specific task or skill” (Serravallo, 2010). -Strategies are a temporary scaffold and will be removed at some time.

EQ -How can I implement The Reading Strategies Book into my classroom to increase student engagement and achievement? -How will reading strategies increase student agency? -How can supporting students as readers and giving quality feedback impact student confidence and ability?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Knowledge & Skills Participants will know… -resources available to direct and support professional learning on reading workshop -various prompts such as compliment, direction, redirection, questions, and sentence starter to give student specific feedback. -their instructional strengths -strategies to modify and improve their practice

Participants will be skilled at… -utilizing reading workshop to establish a clear and measurable personal professional learning goal that will have an unmistakable, positive impact on student learning -developing a course of strategies to help student achieve reading goals -developing resources and tools to help students consistently use reading strategies -employing flipped learning to teach themselves

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence: -responses to sessions in Google Classroom -creations of visuals, toolkits, prompts in Google Classroom -student artifacts from instruction -personal reflection (video/ audio recording of teaching) -feedback for colleague (video/ audio recording of teaching)

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