Introduction to Sketchnoting

Course Number: PLAT-SPRING-19-16
GL Account Number: 20.2212.805.0075.6131.00275.1.02105
Model: Certified Teacher
Type: Coordinator Workshops
Beginning Date: 2/1/2019
Start Time: N/A
Location: online
Room: online
Sessions: 6
Credits: 0.5
Course Stipend: Yes
Stipend Amount: $150.00
Salary Credits:
Clock Hours: 6
Course Description: Are you looking for a way that allows students to see the bigger picture in the concepts they are studying, make connections in their learning, and visually display their learning process? Sketchnoting does all of that and more! Explore this fun way of expressing ideas. And don't worry if you're not an artist! We will be studying Sylvia Duckworth's How To Sketchnote: A Step-By-Step Manual for Teachers and Students. Give it a try!

How will this workshop initiate a new study or extend work you have begun into the following school year?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Enduring Understanding(s) & Essentials Question(s):

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Knowledge & Skills

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence:

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