Lost at School Online Book Study

Course Number: PLAT-SPRING-19-01.01
GL Account Number: 20.2212.352.0075.6131.00275.1
Model: All Staff
Type: Professional Learning Action Team Workshops
Beginning Date: 2/1/2019
Start Time: N/A
End Date: 3/29/2019
Location: Online
Room: Online
Sessions: 6
Credits: 0.5
Course Stipend: Yes
Stipend Amount: $150.00
Salary Credits:
Clock Hours: 6
Course Description: The students we teach today are facing many challenges. Many of which are due to emotional and social skills that are developmentally delayed. After taking this course, teachers will create a plan to help those students be more successful in order to be confident, curious, capable, and caring individuals.

How will this workshop initiate a new study or extend work you have begun into the following school year?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Enduring Understanding(s) & Essentials Question(s): EU: Teachers will understand that different strategies and techniques are needed to meet the needs of socially/emotionally delayed learners.

Teachers will understand that working collaboratively with a student to create a plan to change behavior will increase success in all environments.

EQ: How do teachers identify the problems and lagging skills causing behaviors? How do teachers improve interactions with challenging kids to reduce challenging behaviors? How does successfully collaborating and planning among the child, parent, and educators bring out success?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Knowledge & Skills Teachers will know... *How to identify lagging skills. *How to make a plan with a child to change a behavior.

Teachers will be able to... *Fill out a Plan B chart *Have a variety of plans to implement

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence: Teachers will read the text and complete reflection questions and assignments via Google Classroom.

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