SASS Learning Lab #3

Course Number: Wk-HS-SS-17-10
GL Account Number: 0
Model: Certified Teacher
Type: Coordinator Workshops
Phase: N/A
Path: N/A
Beginning Date: 4/20/2017
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Location: SOUTH HIGH
Room: TBD
Sessions: 1
Instructor: ERIN CROLEY
Credits: 0
Course Stipend: No
Stipend Amount: $0.00
Salary Credits:
Clock Hours: 6
Course Description: Teachers collaboratively learn/review a targeted strategy or strategies, collaboratively plan a lesson utilizing the focus strategy, and then team teach the lesson with real students.

For our SASS Lesson Study...In the morning we learn a tiny bit from the host teacher about his/her students and current content goals (I want students to walk away today understanding _____, or being able to ______), briefly review SASS strategies, and then co-create a SASS experience for the students.

During the last period of the day, we alternate team-teaching and peer-coaching the lesson(s) developed earlier in the day. After, we debrief the lesson, the student's response, and the process.

How will this workshop initiate a new study or extend work you have begun into the following school year?

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Enduring Understanding(s) & Essentials Question(s):

Stage 1 - Desired Results: Knowledge & Skills

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence:

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